Research Professor

Vladimir Shakhov

2016 - Current

Invited Professor & Project Leader, University of Ulsan, South Korea
Associate Professor, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia
Senior Researcher, Institute of Computational Mathematics & Mathematical Geophysics

Research Direction: Computer Science, Applied Mathematics.

Phone: 052-259-2724
Office: 7-503

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lee Young-Du

2013 - Current

Research Direction: Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs), Underwater Sensor Networks (UWSNs), Beacon-based Service Networks (BbSNs), Next Generation Communication Systems (NGCSs).

Phone: 052-259-1671
Office: 7-302

Ph.D. Students

Huynh Thanh Thien

Research Direction: Resource Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks.

Mario Rodrigo Camana Acosta

Research Direction: MIMO Communications and Optimizations.

Carla Estefanía García Moreta

Research Direction: MIMO Communications and Optimizations.

Iqra Hameed

Research Direction: Wireless Energy Transfer in 5G Networks.

Md. Nazmul Hasan

Research Direction: Machine Learning/Deep Learning-based Sensor Fault Detection.

Integrated Students (MS & Ph.D.)

Md. Niaz Morshedul Haque

Research Direction: Wireless Energy Transfer.

Shahnaz Tayebi Haghighi

Research Direction: Fault Diagnostics, Machine Learning, System Control.